April 2014

Hi peeps! It’s going to summer soon and that means I’ll have a month+ before Form 6 starts. My dad is starting to threaten me again and well… that’s kind of normal. He’s afraid that I might not be able to handle the amount of stress that’s coming in studies. He said I should cut down my leisure time and focus on studies starting from June. I agree with him, since I’ve been spending much of my time relaxing and stuffs for a few months now. I’m actually excited to get back to school but there’s still a lot of things left undone, like car exams and school stuffs. All I do now is rot at home and it’s boring but I just don’t feel like moving my body. Yeah… I know that sounds weird but that’s ME. :P

FEB 2014

Well….. HEY!!! It had been months~~~ Work. Eat . Sleep *repeat*. These are what I’ve been doing for the past few months while waiting for my SPM results. I didn’t know my luck was that bad, results is coming out on 20th which is a day before my birthday. *Okay I should cut that off*. Oh yeah NEW FRIENDS! They are absolutely adorable and hilarious although a few of them are in their mid-twenties. That’s the fun thing about working besides earning $$$. Sad to say that I’ll be quiting in a month to concentrate back on studies and driving lessons. I’ll miss them……maybe 😜


네가 그녀를 얼마나 사랑하는지 알아, 그래서 내가 그녀를 고해조기로 했어. 난…. 니 마음을 가질수 없지만 내 심장을 그녀게 주어, 나의 사랑을 박게 하려고. 항상 니 옆에 있을께, 언제나 사랑하고. 안녕 내 친수야.

The Best Fanfic in 2013

The Person Who Once Loved Me.



What does it takes you to understand?! It’s addictive you moron!
Steven Straits

Life is too short for wasting your time hating and judging someone else.

Kiseop is so funny! Hahahaha

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kris’ introduction

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